Stations Assurance & Handover Management Commission

SRC was commissioned by Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) to manage assurance and handover of its Station Modernisation portfolio including Earls Court, Aldgate East, Aldgate, Kings Cross and Mile End. SRC has wideranging specialist experience and domain expertise in implementing and managing technical assurance and associated quality controls for London Underground. Throughout the commission SRC maintained an ethic of continuous improvement in the SRC and PB team: comments raised by stakeholders were reviewed and incorporated into the constantly updated design management and submissions checklist. The SRC team developed and maintained best practice templates for all relevant quality assurance documents which met the requirements of assurers concisely but fully.


SRC developed and implemented a bespoke Assurance & Handover Manual to be used by all PB’s project teams. It describes the team’s working processes for developing, submitting and assuring submissions. The project team were regularly audited against compliance with this manual. The embedded SRC team developed close, collaborative and trusting relationships with engineering authorities (e.g. Principal Engineers, Chief Engineers and Asset Engineers). A key aspect to the team’s successful approach was built on these working relationships. The team reviewed project designs closely to ensure that the issues that needed detailed expert consideration were brought to the table clearly and concisely, and a detailed tracker of all assurance and quality information was maintained.



Single Point of Failure Study

SRC led a study of service control centre (SCC) power systems following a very significant service loss due to the failure of London Underground’s Jubilee Line SCC. Reports were produced for each SCC identifying all relevant engineering system and process issues. SRC’s strong crossdiscipline knowledge and operational engineering expertise helped the speedy delivery and approval of the commission. All SRC’s recommendations are planned to be implemented by LU and are being exemplified by LU’s senior engineers as best practice for similar exercises. LU gave very positive feedback on the completeness and timely delivery of SRC’s work.


Connect Optioneering

The LU Board was concerned that the programme to integrate new Connect PFI equipment into existing Control Rooms would significantly impact the commissioning programme. SRC was commissioned to facilitate an ‘optioneering’ exercise to develop innovative recovery recommendations with all stakeholders. Through a structured approach, the ‘optioneering’ workshop established a unified understanding of the programmecritical issues and created options reducing the impact of these issues. Numerous options were generated. The ideas were adapted by the workshop and evaluated using an SRC-developed ‘optioneering’ quantitative tool to identify those with greatest potential for addressing critical issues. Seven options were chosen for detailed development and assessment; one was preferred. Several of the seven were likely to contribute to success if implemented alongside it. The potential cost savings were estimated at £750,000 and the potential impact on the critical path was reduced by over 10 months.



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