Technical Assurance & Handover Management

In the highly-regulated rail environment, a comprehensive understanding of the statutory and regulatory requirements of companies operating railway infrastructure is critical to project success. Demonstrable, documented compliance with Legislation, European and British Standards and corporate engineering standards provides the assurance case for railway operators to be confident that projects will be delivered in a safe and controlled manner. For this reason, the provision of technical assurance is a prerequisite for carrying out work on any rail network. The often complex and demanding requirements of the rail regulatory frameworks means SRC’s experience in delivering technical assurance consultancy will be a great advantage at every stage of a project.


SRC’s consultants have detailed, expert knowledge and experience of delivering the requisite documentation and submissions in accordance with these regulatory frameworks. They have managed technical assurance and developed assurance submissions on projects including Jubilee Line Extension Project, LU’s Sub-Surface Upgrade Programme and the LU Station Modernisation Programme. SRC has developed and delivered specialist assurance and handover training for clients working in the railway environment including Balfour Beatty and Parsons Brinckerhoff.



London Underground Signalling Expertise

Working with London Underground’s signalling systems requires a considerable breadth of specialist experience and a committed, IRSE-licensed and highly competent team. The SRC team has a detailed understanding of much of the legacy and new signalling systems installed on the LU Network. SRC consultants have carried out supervisory and testing & commissioning roles for the introduction of new signalling systems and the modification of existing. SRC engineers have led testing and commissioning of new signalling systems for Thales UK on LU's Jubilee and Northern Lines Upgrade Project (JNUP) and for Tube Lines to introduce Heathrow Terminal 5’s Piccadilly Line extension. SRC has also provided consultancy support on Tube Lines’ long-running project to replace its programme machines with up-to-date PLC-based systems which will interface with the planned signalling control upgrade on the Piccadilly Line.



Specialist System Engineering Studies

Due to SRC’s high level of domain expertise, SRC consultants have carried out a large number of specialist system engineering studies over the last ten years. These vary from EMC Control Plans, strategies and EMC Interface analysis, studies proposing cost-effective mitigation for hydrogen being generated by Uninterruptible Power Supplies to Single Point of Failure Analysis of LU’s Service Control Centres. SRC has also carried out ‘optioneering’ workshops in order to develop cost-effective solutions to critical challenges on a number of programmes.



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